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Other sightings include James Gray's picture from when he and friend Peter Levings were out fishing on the Loch. But no one has ever come up with a satisfactory explanation for the sightings - although 'Nessie expert' Steve Feltham, who has spent 24 years watching the Loch, said he thought it was actually a giant Wels Catfish, native to waters near the Baltic and Caspian seas in Europe. An online register lists more than 1, total Nessie sightings, created by Mr Campbell, the man behind the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club and is available at www.

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Unfortunately, Jacob accidentally spilled musk on himself when he was hit by a fish thrown by an escaped seal , prompting the Erumpent to chase him out of the zoo and into the frozen park pond before Newt managed to contain the Erumpent. However, when they got in the suitcase, Tina, who had followed them, locked them in and took them to headquarters of the Magical Congress of the United States of America , where they, including Tina, were arrested by Seraphina Picquery and Percival Graves.

As he was being escorted by Sam , an Obliviator , to have his memory erased, Jacob was saved by Queenie, who managed to blackmail Sam. Subsequently, they tried to break into Graves' office to retrieve the Newt's suitcase, along with his and Tina's wands; Queenie unsuccessfully tried to use an Unlocking Charm , forcing Jacob to kick down the door. They subsequently ran into Newt and Tina, who had managed to escape execution.

They journeyed to a wizarding speakeasy, The Blind Pig , where the friends met Gnarlak , a goblin gangster, to find information about Newt's escaped Demiguise named Dougal. While trying to get a drink at the bar, the bartender house-elf asked if Jacob has never seen a house-elf; Jacob blithely retorts that of course he has, his uncle is a house-elf.

Following up on information gained from Gnarlak, they found the Demiguise at the Ginzberg Delaunay department store. Following it led to a hatched Occamy that was not accounted for, which had expanded itself to fill the entire storeroom. Jacob helped to shrink it by luring it into a teapot with a cockroach. After returning the beasts to Newt's case, Jacob went with the group to investigate the Obscurus that was demolishing the city. Although Queenie wanted Jacob to stay out of the way, he insisted on helping and through her Legilimency skill, she saw the conflicts he endured during the First World War.

Following a battle against Graves, Seraphina stated that Jacob's memory needed to be erased and gave Newt, Tina, and Queenie a moment to say goodbye to him. Jacob then stepped into the Obliviating rain, with Queenie giving him one last kiss under an umbrella spell from her wand before leaving him standing there alone and confused.

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Jacob returned to his job at the Moreton Dale Canning Factory. One day, he bumped into a passerby. Upon trying to lift his now extremely heavy suitcase, he found silver Occamy eggshells provided anonymously by Newt as collateral for a bank loan. He was unaware of their origins, claiming that they came to him in dreams.

The whimsical treats proved extremely popular and his bakery did a brisk business. Shortly after, he was bewitched by Queenie and taken by her to Great Britain to get married, as the British Ministry of Magic allows marriage with non-magical partners. They made their way to 9 Sherringford Square in London , where Newt was living to tell him of the news. Jacob tells Newt that he had mostly good and average memories of what happened in New York and Queenie filled him in on what he did forget. Newt quickly realised that Jacob is under a love charm and broke it.

Jacob was shocked and Queenie left apartment in sadness.

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Newt informed him that he is in London, much to his shock. He catched up with Queenie and said that he loved her, but he knew that she would be arrested if they get married. She disapperated, leaving him alone on the street.

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Devastated, he came back inside Newt's apartment. Newt started packing, because he found letter from Tina to Queenie, when Queenie left the house. He also promised to Jacob that he will help him find Queenie, which he supposed, travelled to France to find Tina.

Next day Jacob travelled with Newt to Dartmoor , where Scamander gave fifty galleons to a Portkey tout and they both left England via Portkey. Kama took them to Parisian sewers, where in underground chamer he had imprisoned Tina. He also did the same with Newt and Jacob and said that he will release them, when Credence Barebone will be dead.

Unfortunately, Kama unexpectedly fainted, so Newt released Pickett to unlock the lock in the gate freeing himself, Tina and Jacob. Coming to unconscious wizard they heard a powerful Zouwu's roar coming from above their heads.

Newt pursued angry Tina, so Jacob stayed at Flamel's house to watch over Yusuf, especially after Scamander used tweezers to pull a water dragon parasite from Kama's eye. No-Maj met there Nicolas Flamel and took him for a ghost , due to alchemist's age. The ball also showed Credence heading to Mausoleum with Jacob noticed that Kama had escaped, so he went towards the cemetery despite Flamel's strong protests. In the mausoleum Jacob was covered by Yusuf.

Kama ordered him to be quiet, because he was hunting Credence.

Since Ancient Greece, the snake-haired Gorgon has been a sexualized symbol of women's rage.

Jacob witnessed Yusuf's and Leta's stories about how Dark wizard Corvus Lestrange imperiused and married Kama's mother, Laurena , who gave the birth to girl named Leta; how Yusuf made Unbreakable Vow with his father, Mustafa , to kill the person Corvus loved the most; how Corvus married next woman , who gave the birth to Corvus Lestrange , who supposed to be Credence Barebone and how Leta proved that Credence wasn't Corvus because she switched babies on the ship, while admitting to unintentionally killing Corvus.

Jacob attended Grindelwald's rally, which took place in the mausoleum. When Aurors under command of Theseus Scamander infiltrated the rally and one witch has been killed, Grindelwald sent his followers to spread the word and began the fight by conjuring circle of blue flames around himself to divide friend from foe. Despite having seen horrifying vision of the future Second World War , and being promised that Grindelwald would help preventing it from ever happening, Jacob tearfully refused Queenie, denouncing her new alliance and urging her to leave.

When Grindelwald attacked both Scamander brothers, Leta sacrificed herself to give Jacob and others time to escape. Tina seized Jacob and disapparated outside the mausoleum with him. When he was a man in his mid to late twenties, he was of medium to tall height and had a stocky build.

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He had dark brown curly hair that is usually kept brushed and a matching moustache. He had dark brown eyes. Jacob was extremely warm, welcoming, compassionate, and friendly, with Newt Scamander noting that people tend to like Jacob, and with Jacob claiming that he wishes to become a baker to make people happy, despising having to work in a canning factory, due to that job being joyless. Hence, Jacob managed to swiftly befriend Queenie Goldstein , the somewhat socially awkward Newt Scamander, the somewhat prim Tina Goldstein , and later even the most famous alchemist in history, Nicolas Flamel.

While initially disturbed by magic, Jacob, unlike most No-Majes , quickly came to admire and love wizardry, and was excited to learn more about the Wizarding World during his adventures with Newt, Tina, and Queenie. Jacob seems to adjust to extreme situations relatively quickly, as he wasn't mentally disturbed after almost getting killed by an Erumpent or contending with an Occamy , and quickly overcame his fear of Nicolas Flamel 's gaunt appearance, politely claiming that the ancient alchemist looked young for his age. Jacob seems to have poor self-esteem, viewing himself as unintelligent, and thinking that there "are loads [like him]," but Queenie assures Jacob that he is unique, before their first kiss.