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Pro Se Presents: September 2011

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Pro Se Presents: June Hollywood Mystery. How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. The title should be at least 4 characters long. Barnhart , No. ALJ Grossman noted that he issued the new decision "for the sole purpose of noting that the claimant has amended his alleged onset date of disability to September 26, The November amended decision relied on the same evidence as the September decision and neither referenced additional evidence nor evaluated the September decision.

This deprives the Court of jurisdiction to consider either decision as a constructive reopening. Vaswani v. In finding no good cause, ALJ Grossman examined new evidence related to Bortugno's mental health impairment between June 15, , and September 25, —evidence that was not part of the claim record before ALJ Shire.

After considering the new evidence alongside the rest of the record that was available to ALJ Shire as of September 25, , ALJ Grossman concluded that the September decision was "not contrary to the weight of the new evidence" and that there was therefore no good cause to reopen ALJ Shire's decision.

This analysis did not constructively reopen the case. Therefore, "[w]hen an ALJ merely reviews the evidence to assess 'whether there was new evidence to establish good cause to reopen' a previous application, this does not constitute a constructive reopening. Astrue , No. In the absence of a constructive reopening, this Court has jurisdiction to review the Commissioner's decision only if this case presents one of the "rare instances where the Secretary's denial of a petition to reopen is challenged on constitutional grounds.

Sandera , U. As Bortugno is proceeding pro se and has not filed an opposition brief, the Court considers whether his pleadings can be read to raise a due process challenge to the Commissioner's decision not to reopen ALJ Shire's decision. Due process "requires 'notice and an opportunity to be heard. United States , U. In the normal case, this would be more than sufficient to establish that Bortugno received due process.

However, even when a claimant receives all of the notice and administrative review due by statute, "[a] claimant suffering from mental illness raises a colorable constitutional claim when he asserts that his mental illness precluded him from litigating his claim because it prevented him from proceeding from one administrative level to another. Heckler , F.

To invoke federal jurisdiction to review a claim of inadequate process due to mental illness, a plaintiff must make a "particularized allegation of mental impairment plausibly of sufficient severity to impair comprehension" of the plaintiff's ability to pursue available procedures. Apfel , F. A plaintiff cannot rely "upon a generalized allegation, long after the fact, that the claimant was too confused to understand available administrative remedies. Even construed liberally, Bortugno's Complaint fails to allege a "mental impairment plausibly of sufficient severity to impair comprehension.

Indeed, Bortugno was able to file a new application for disability benefits the month after ALJ Shire's September decision issued. It is the first book I wrote as an adult. What I hope that means is that, with each book, the prose is also getting more truthful. Naturally, as writers, we all want to write both: words that are beautiful because they are true and words that are true because they are beautiful.

Which is called for at each moment in the story—the simplicity of truth or the luxuriousness of beauty? The truth of geninuiness in our presentation of our characters as realistic human beings. This involves more than just passive honesty accepting the truths you see but also active honesty seeking to identify and overcome your own misconceptions about yourself and the world.

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There will always be times when you have to fight to write true prose—when the truth is too abstract, complicated, or even unformed to be easily translated into words. But when you seek truth in every moment of your life, that truth will often show up in your writing without concentrated effort. And, by the same logic, so will your lies! There are lines from my own books that I find myself quoting over and over again. There is beauty even in ugliness—when that ugliness is true.

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  • In his essay, Canin went on to comment:. Five plain words. Plain words, short sentences, and simple constructions all lend themselves to the clarity and emphasis of truthful statements. They stand on their own. They never get in their own way. They have to find the answers for themselves by first asking the right questions. The same is true for your readers. You may want desperately to share important truths with them. But just handing them those truths will often be, at best, ineffective.

    How do you this? Subtext is the most powerful part of any story. Because it speaks directly to the subconscious. It is the hidden part of the story reaching out to the hidden part of the reader.

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    Writers must seek the connection between conscious and subconscious, outer experience and inner experience to the point that we grow skilled in prompting readers to understand the truth of the subtext based on nothing more than the outstanding truth of our context. If writing truthful prose is primarily about getting out of the way of your own honesty, then writing beautiful prose is a little more craft-oriented.

    It uses wordplay and word tricks to please both the ear and the eye. Some of the best of these are:.

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    Even in prose, you can occasionally make use of rhymes to smooth the flow. A mix of sentences—short, long, simple, complex, compound, fragment, run-on—gives you the tools to create music on the page. Also to be used with sparing care, alliteration is the technique of choosing multiple words with the same beginning sound beautiful blonde bombshell. Used with subtlety, so it does not draw undue attention to itself, alliteration creates both the beauty of pattern and enhanced meaning via repetitive emphasis.

    Analogies— similes and metaphors —are the gateways to understanding. They allow us the opportunity to shed greater clarity and insight on prosaic items and ideas by exploring their similarities with other items and ideas. A well-placed simile or metaphor can immediately skyrocket your prose into top-notch prose-poetry.


    But analogies are easy to abuse. Some of these words are the plainest and simplest. But often, beautiful prose is the result of a vocabulary master who knows how to discover and use beautifully unusual words. Become a student of vocabulary.