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Is that big or small? Help your students learn to sort big and small items with this hands-on lesson.
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Which cookie would they want to eat, if this looks good to them? Pull the unifix cubes out and let students make two lengths - one that is obviously bigger than the other.

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Do this a couple of times until you are sure that they know the difference between longer and shorter. As a closing activity, have students draw two lines - one longer, and one shorter.

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On the next day, review the pictures students did at the end of the day - hold a few good examples up, and review bigger, smaller, taller, shorter with the students. The teacher is taller than Sarah, for example. So that means that Sarah is what? Hold out some Cheerios in one hand, and fewer pieces in the other.

Point to the words on the CTR chart. Say the words aloud, and then have the children repeat them with you. In your own words, tell the story found in Matthew — Explain that some of the chief priests did not believe that Jesus Christ was the Savior, the one Heavenly Father had sent to help them. They watched Jesus closely to try to find him doing something wrong so they could have him killed. Explain that when Jesus healed the blind and lame people in the temple, the chief priests were angry.

When the children began praising Jesus, the priests were even more angry, and they wanted Jesus to stop the children.

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But instead he asked the priests if they had not read in the scriptures that little children would praise him. Point out that just like the children in this story, the children in your class can choose to follow and praise Jesus. We can all choose what we do. Have the children stand and repeat the phrase.

Comparing Big and Small

Point to the CTR chart and have the children repeat the words on the chart again. Tell the children a story about a child who chose to do what Jesus would want. You may want to use the following story:. Brittany woke up Sunday morning feeling grumpy.

She had gone to bed too late and had to get up too early. She had to wait for her turn in the bathroom. Then she stubbed her toe on a chair. Her big brother was angry with her because he thought she was going to make the whole family late. She sat on the back row and frowned and played with some things in her pocket. Brittany started to cry. She wanted to be happy, and she wanted her teacher to be happy too.

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  8. Brittany thought an experiment sounded like fun. Her teacher explained that choosing the right and doing what Jesus wants us to do can help us be happy. Brittany agreed to try to do what Jesus would have her do at Primary next Sunday. Sunday morning when Brittany woke up, she was excited to try the experiment. She quickly got ready for church and helped her sister get ready also. When Brittany got to Primary, she was smiling.

    She sang the opening song and sat reverently during the opening prayer. The boy sitting next to Brittany kept whispering to her, and soon Brittany was whispering back and not listening.

    Lesson 1: Introducing shapes

    Just before it was time to go to class, Brittany looked up and saw the picture of Jesus on the wall. She remembered that she wanted to do what Jesus wanted her to do. Brittany walked quietly to class and sat on the front row. She listened to the lesson and answered the questions her teacher asked her.

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    Brittany felt happy. She was glad she chose the right. She discovered that choosing the right and doing what Jesus wanted her to do made her feel happy. Have the children each make a hand into a fist with the thumb pointing out. Tell the children that you are going to describe some choices they might make. If the choice described is something Jesus would have them do, they should point their thumbs up.

    If the statement describes something Satan would have them do, they should point their thumbs down. Sometimes it means thinking outside the box and doing things that others aren't willing to do in order to get an effing sale. And a sale is everything that matters. Signage matters. A lot. And needs to stand out. Like for the name of the biz and what is sold and maybe a sale offer. Eff all that fancy slogan shit. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. A small lesson I learned today.